Symposium: Philosophy and Literature

Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen and Center for Contemporary European Philosophy, Radboud University Nijmegen

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Philosophy and Literature

Wednesday December 21, 2016

10:30 – 18:00


Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen

Oude Boteringestraat 52, 9712 GL Groningen, The Netherlands


10:30  welcome

11:00   opening

11:10   Leonard Lawlor, Penn State University, USA:

           “A Bird as Rare upon the Earth as a Black Swan”: The Dream of an Unusable Friendship in Derrida’s Politics of Friendship

12:30   lunch

14:00   Thijs Lijster, University of Groningen, The Netherlands:

           The Actuality of the Essay Form. Philosophical writing in Benjamin and Adorno

15:00   Jeroen Vanheste, Open University, The Netherlands:

           A humanism of the ‘homo Dei’. Thomas Mann’s ideas about the European cultural identity

16:00   pause

16:20   Arthur Cools, University of Antwerp, Belgium:

           The World of Literary Fiction

17:20   drinks

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This symposium takes place for the occasion of the
PhD defense of Martijn Boven, December 22.

Experiences, Emotions, Episodes. Contemporary Positions in Film Phenomenology


Friday December 9, 2016

Marie Lokezaal (Harmony Building, University of Groningen)

This one-day symposium will give an overview of current research in the field of film phenomenology. It features talks by noted film phenomenologists Dylan Trigg (University College Dublin/University of Memphis) and Christian Ferencz-Flatz (University of Cologne/University of Bucharest) as well as Julian Hanich (University of Groningen). Another section is devoted to papers by ‘junior scholars’ – former or current film studies students of the University of Groningen – who have written papers on shame in the cinema, binge watching of television series and the experience of Virtual Reality documentaries. The day concludes with a journal launch: Christian Ferenz-Flatz and Julian Hanich present a special issue of the journal Studia Phaenomenologica on “Film and Phenomenology” they have recently co-edited.

Sponsored by: ICOG and the Department of Arts, Culture and Media of the University of Groningen

Entrance is free

For more information please contact Julian Hanich:

“The Knowledge of the Curator”: The Experience of a Sponge in a Pressure-Cooker

by Daphne Verberg

How do you exhibit a prayer nut (a micro-carving the size of – you guessed it – a nut!) in the daily hustle and bustle of the Rijksmuseum? And how do you display fashion design whose tactility makes visitors want to reach out and touch it, although they are not allowed to? Or what are art lovers looking for when they gaze at a masterpiece? Do they want to know the personal stories of Marten en Oopjen or are they trying to comprehend the virtuosity of Rembrandt? Continue reading ““The Knowledge of the Curator”: The Experience of a Sponge in a Pressure-Cooker”

De toerist en de vluchteling

Door Carmen van Bruggen

Midden in het Park Retiro in de brandende zon staat de Frans-Spaanse fototentoonstelling opgesteld: Caminos de exilio (Paden van ballingschap). De zoveelste tentoonstelling over vluchtelingen met beelden die we allemaal kennen: een hek waarachter veel te veel mensen je treurig aankijken, een kind dat over het prikkeldraad wordt getild, een gesluierde vrouw die angstig om haar heen kijkt en mannen die een stoffig landschap doorkruisen. Continue reading “De toerist en de vluchteling”

The Perkins Prize and Honorable Mention go to…

By Krina Huisman and Steven Willemsen

Literary theory is alive and kicking in the Arts, Culture and Media department. During the yearly conference for the International Society for the Study of Narrative (ISSN), which was hosted in Amsterdam this month, professor Liesbeth Korthals Altes was awarded the Perkins Prize for the most significant contribution to the study of narrative in 2014. The jury also awarded an honorable mention to another book that was partly written in Groningen, by former post-doctoral researcher Marco Caracciolo. Continue reading “The Perkins Prize and Honorable Mention go to…”